TEAM SELECTION POLICY

Whenever it is necessary or appropriate for the Branch to enter a team or teams in any discipline or activity team members will be selected in accordance with the following policy:

1. Commitment. Being a loyal and active member of the Branch, attending the relevant rallies and training, and participating in Branch events and activities..

2. Performance. At rallies, during training and in competitions.

This may mean that a member is disappointed. It is almost inevitable, but that adds to the learning curve, which hopefully will encourage future commitment and performance.

It is the role of the District Commissioner to select, in consultation with others, for example instructors and discipline trainers, teams to represent the Branch.

Any member not selected for a team, but still eligible to enter the competition as an individual is encouraged to do so. They may be needed for the team as a last minute substitution and in any event their individual performance may influence future team selection.

April 2015                                                                              Sally Lefroy

 District Commissioner                   


AREA 14 Competition Dates 2016                          


Area Quiz14th February 2016Pimperne Village Hall
Area 14 Quiz Schedule
Area 14 Quiz Entry Form
Dengie Show Jumping20th March 2016West Wilts Equestrian Centre
Dengie Dressage12th March 2016West Wilts Equestrian Centre
Horse & Pony CareTBC 
Mounted Games23rd/24th April 2016West Hants at New Park
Area Tetrathlon9th/10th July 2016Mendip at Mendip Plains
Area Dressage – Junior (GR)/Nov/Int/Open7th August 2016Syston at West Littleton
Area Eventing – Junior (GR) PC80/Nov PC90/Int PC10023rd July 2016Wylye Valley at Southfields
Area Eventing – Open30th July 2016BE Wilton
Area Show Jumping – Nov/Int/Open17th July 2016Hursley at Sparsholt
Area Green Shoots12th June 2016Poole at Bovington
Area Show Jumping – Junior (GR)31st July 2016Syston at Leyland Court
Area Musical Ride30th May 2016Wilton at Tenantry



Those wishing to represent the branch in 2015 at Junior to Open Level in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping Must complete a Team Form 2015   Record Sheets are available for Eventing, Showjumping and Dressage.   Use them to keep a record of your results.

You will be asked to submit them to your level co-ordinator in June.


Rule Books for all Disciplines can be downloaded from the Pony Club's Website.  All members wishing to go to Area should have seen the Rule Book and ensure they are eligible for their chosen level and are wearing the correct tack and clothing. All members and ponies MUST have attended three working rallies since July 1st 2012 (Camp counts as one rally).   Team training sessions do not count. More Details of levels, etc can be found on the relevant discipline pages.